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Level I

Duration: 2 Full days or 5 Evenings

Level 1 is the most comprehensive and advanced energy system available to a layman. This course not only teaches us how to heal but also how to take charge of our life and improve interpersonal relationships, improve one’s financial situation and become more successful among others and much more…

Course Includes

  • Concepts of Prana
  • Feeling different energies
  • Energy Centres / Chakrams
  • Disease Analysis From Energy Point of View
  • Healing Diseases by Application of Energy without physical touch.
  • Treatment for common diseases like backache, headache, knee pain, sprains, cramps, burns, stomach trouble, cold, cough, fever, constipation, diarrhea, gastric problem, kidney stone, asthma, etc…
  • Self Healing
  • Distance HealingDevmaya
  • Divine Healing
  • Karma Theory
  • Planetary Peace Meditation

Eligibility- 15yrs. of age or Above

*This is a golden opportunity to learn new Energy Healing techniques.

   For registration and queries feel free to contact.

Note: Certificate will be awarded after completion of course and attending nurturing session