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Spiritual Greed

By on Dec 28, 2015 in Bhagavad Gita, Body, Chakra, DevMaya, Energy, Forgiveness, Healing, Health, Karma, Meditation, Prana, Purification, Sharing, Thinking | 1 comment

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Spiritual Greed

Spiritual Greed

When a person starts his/her spiritual path, various road blocks obstruct them. One of the major roadblock is that people start to initiate good karmic deeds mechanically. As in, if someone is told to donate food to charity for 10 kids, then the person might start off mechanically at first. Though the person is doing the right thing, but the inner drive is absent as the driving force is only the words told by a teacher which we do to negate our bad karma. This mindset will not get us too far as we have not kindled our inner self to do those good deeds.

Spiritual greed has various forms. The point where spiritual greed becomes dangerous is when we start comparing with our fellow mates or loved ones, when it gives rise to spiritual pride or ego. Also sometimes while doing charity in a group effort, if in the back of the mind a person is trying to give more through his hand then his mates just for the sake of generating more karma, it is a step down in the spiritual development. This is because deliberately he is increasing his good karma by diminishing his spiritual buddy’s karma.
If he/she starts taking initiative with emotion and applies considerate amount of energy and time, the person can think of many variations and different ways to apply the things which before he used to do just because the act is believed to be an act of good karma.Also after progressing for some time on the spiritual path, it is better if the disciple stops thinking of how he will e benefited by the act and start doing charity or good deeds for the sake of humanity. This can happen easily when the person realizes that we all are one and if he help someone, we are helping ourselves.
To do acts of goodness just to keep a score of how good you have done is not an act of unconditional love, rather love with terms and conditions. Selfless charity is the highest form where person just does good deeds without thinking of what he will get in return. This will happen when there is surrender to the supreme god. Do your work without thinking of the fruit is the mark of a selfless act

More important than generating personal good karma, is to provide to souls with what they require, thereby increasing downpour divine energy on the planet.

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    Meditation helped me to overcome my weakness of being emotionally weak.

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